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Kate's Kintail, a normally ambitious but relatively unfinished website, has been given a facelift and a new metaphor for navigation! It now exists in museum format. This page will allow you to scan through information about the museum, as well as its curator. Pick up a pamphlet and enjoy the read!

Museum Curator :
curator Curator: Kate of Kintail
Short Biography: Kate attended Virginia Tech as a Computer Science major, working towards a B.S. and an M.S. simultaneously. She was presendent of the VT chapter of the Association for Women in Computing and member of other computer science organization. A rather frisky pet cat named Maxwell calls her Mommy. When not working, she writes novels & fanfic mostly, hangs with friends, volunteers, or sleeps (not necessarily in that order and usually without that last element there).

Museum & Curator-Related Pamphlets & Flyers:

History of Kate's Kintail

The many faces and designs
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Kate of Kintail
, 2002