Hockey: the perfect sport

I've never been a sports person. In fact, I never really understood what fascination people had in sports. That is, until the 1998 Winter Olympics. I fell head over heals in love with the spirit the hockey teams had. Here were countries that had in some cases just gotten new independance, and their players were filled with such nationalism, tallent, and spirit. The good ole Canadians didn't do so well, but the Americans didn't either... and by the end I was watching two absolutely incredible men quite closely: Dominik Hasek and Olaf Kolzig. The games were breathtaking, the talent incredible... and I was hooked. That year, the capitals, my hometown team I had seen in action last when I was in third grade, made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs... and from then on, I wasn't just hooked, I was addicted.

The tough guys, agile men flying on the ice, slams into the boards, padded goalies doing the splits, icing the puck, adorable tough men who insist on playing through pain, checking a player so hard he gets winded, amazing passes and formations, zambonis, the roar of the croud, and more wonderfully heroic men who play as if their whole hearts are the game

Hockey 101 -powerpoint presentation I created for a speech in Professionalism class

For me, I pick hockey teams like I pick friends. I like the game all right, but what really makes it important are the players. When I get to know and care about a player, I care about his team and playing. The teams then become important to me, and the players become "my boys". :-) Check them out!

 My Teams 

Buffalo Sabres

Washington Capitals

New Jersey Devils

(one or more need apply):

  1. Must have one of "My Boys" on the team
  2. Opposes the team of evil (the Stars)

Colorado Avalanche


My Boys

  • Dominik Hasek
  • Alexi Zednick
  • Olaf Kolzig
  • Peter Bondra
  • Chris Simon
  • Jan Bullis
  • Martain Broudour
  • Scott Stevenson
  • Jason Arnott
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Joey Juneau

(one or more need apply):

  1. Volunteering/Aid Programs
  2. Tough Guy attitude with added sensitivity
  3. On one of "My Teams"
  4. An especially good goalie
  5. Just a particularly good player who catches my eye on an interview or in action on the ice
  • Patrick Roi 

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