Reasons I am Like



o      I love nature. Eeyore adores natural beauty of all sorts: flowers, butterflies, and sits on the hill cloud watching for hours


o      I love camping in the outdoors, and Eeyore lives in a pile of sticks that acts like a tent


o      I am very simple and clear in my likes and dislikes, and Eeyore is about as simple as one can get


o      I am a democrat, Eeyore is a donkey. ’Nuff said.


o      I am a great realist/pessimist about life in general and Eeyore is most times gloomy


o      I tend to go with the flow rather than challenge it, as unhappy as I may be. Eeyore floats on his back down the flowing river and gets belted with sticks.


o      The thistle is the national flower of my beloved Scotland, as well as Eeyore’s steady diet


o      I am a volunteer, and Eeyore is as selfless as they come (finds a house for Piglet after the flood)


o      My eyes are blue-gray and my favorite color is blue. Depending upon what version you are reading/watching, Eeyore is blue-gray or blue.


o      I am an outcast of popular society by choice and Eeyore lives off outside the wood and is many times forgotten about


o      I usually fail at everything I try but keep right on going, Eeyore has rebuilt his house a countless number of times


o      I have friends who equate themselves with Pooh and Piglet, so Eeyore is mine for the taking


o      Though I am just as gloomy, it takes only a little to make me happy. Eeyore has his soft moments, as well


o      I am told that I’m smart or something, and Eeyore is smart and enjoys learning


o      I adore helping people through community service and in lending a shoulder, Eeyore is the one everyone goes to for advice when they want real help and are tired of Owl’s prattling


o      I am an introvert, and Eeyore keeps to himself quite a lot unless he is with good friends


o      I enjoy being a follower in the shadows behind the greats, and Eeyore is most times forgotten


o      I am quite forgetful of ideas and possessions. Eeyore, of course, loses his tail


o      I am a displaced college student, searching for a home. Eeyore is constantly building his home over and over again


o      I am quiet, especially in public, and Eeyore is just as reserved and private


o      I tend to be upstaged easily because I’m not the greatest at things (she said pessimistically), and Eeyore constantly gets bounced


o      I can be a pain in the ass, and Eeyore is  an ass