An American's Guide to
The Barenaked Ladies

written by an American, for Americans *

Let's face it, we are at a disadvantage. Most of us learned of the Barenaked Ladies through the song 'One Week'. This is not our fault! We're given so much more here. We're sheltered from Canada. And most of all, we're dumb Americans. So how can we possibly compete with Canadian fans who have known the group since their debut on ****? (and what is *** anyway?)
The answer is here on this website.
Here, you will learn all you need to know to fit in as a true BNL fan. What to say. What to do. What not to do. Oddly enough, this is actually USEFUL information. And for those of you who have been fans for eons- I hope that you drop me any tips and or comments you might have! So sit right back and get ready to learn and laugh! :-)

Twelve Step Program to Being a BNL Fan
Important Random Facts
What Songs Mean
Get CD's and other BNL Stuff
My Experiences, as an American

* American, as in from the United States of America. I realize that anyone on this side of the world can be an American, as there are quite a few people in all of the North, Central, and South American contents. However, in accordance with the theme of Americans knowing so little, I wanted this as the title. After all, this is primarily for we uninformed Americans :-) Besides, it sounds a heck of a lot better than "Written by a person from the United States of America, for those living in the United States of America" don't you think?